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When is the last time you and your partner sat down and had a conversation about your goals? If I had to guess, I’m sure it’s been awhile! My husband and I typically try to have these conversations on the fly. But with kids in the backseat, it’s not usually the most focused chat. In […]


Episode 41: Your Next Date Night: Goal-Setting Edition

How To Have a Goals Conversation with Your Partner | Sharon Leger Coaching

I’m going to warn you now, this is going to be a vulnerable episode! One of my goals for this platform is to help normalize self-help and therapy for busy moms. I hate how moms are often made to feel like they should have it altogether, all the time, without any assistance. Counseling has been […]


Episode 17: My Biggest Takeaway From Counseling

Women talking on couch during counseling session

personal growth for busy moms