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When I was working full-time as a teacher, the feeling I remember most is being constantly overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed when I got to work, when I was at work and when I left work. The primary feeling I had when I picked up my kiddos at daycare, was being flooded with information and overwhelm […]


Episode 21: How To Priority Plan When You’re Overwhelmed

How To Priority Plan When You’re Overwhelmed | Sharon Leger Coaching

So we’ve all been there before: the dreaded mommy meltdown. I had one just the other day, as a matter-of-fact! Before we dive into today’s episode about mom mindset and how to get it right, I want to start by reminding you of this. You do a lot, mama. You do a ton. There are […]


Episode 20: Getting Your Mom Mindset Right

How To Priority Plan When You’re Overwhelmed | Sharon Leger Coaching

My name is Sharon and I am an overthinker. I literally overthink all the things – our summer schedule, our meals for the week, whether that girl in middle school really was mad at me that one time. All. The. Things. And usually, this overthinking happens at night, when I’m busy not sleeping. So when […]


Episode 15: How To Stop Overthinking in 60 Seconds a Day

A lot of the personal growth ideas and strategies that I share with you are things that I have implemented for years at this point. But today, I am so excited to share with you a relatively new strategy that I use to help put me in a good headspace, especially when things get hard. […]


Episode 11: Why You Need a Joy List

Why You Need a Joy List | Sharon Leger Coaching

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