Episode 18: My Latest Personal Growth Goal

  1. […] this episode, be sure to subscribe on Spotify or YouTube so you don’t miss next week’s episode: where I share with you my newest personal life goal. I am SO excited about it, but a little nervous to share and have it out into the world. Help me […]

  2. […] I fell out of the good habit. I have been doing 6am wake-ups instead. I know that 5am will give me time to work on my book.. And I will have more time to spend with my husband and workout. So back to 5am we […]

  3. […] I’m Writing a Book! […]

  4. […] as possible. If nothing else, I needed that. Second, I wanted to re-read the first chapter of my book from cover to cover. I had originally finished my first draft back in November, but then had to […]

  5. […] My Latest Personal Growth Goal: I’m Writing a Book! […]

  6. […] Send the first draft of my book to beta readers […]

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