Episode 13: How to Create a Budget That Works

  1. […] this episode, be sure to subscribe on Spotify or YouTube so you don’t miss next week’s episode: Episode 13: How to Create a Budget That Actually Works. Personal finance is my obsession so I am literally bursting at the seams to chat about this with […]

  2. […] surprised to hear that I actually haven’t always been a personal finance nerd. If you listened to episode 13, I got positively giddy when we were talking about all things budget. But that is my destination, […]

  3. […] the big picture in our annual money meeting, is to review our monthly budget. As I mentioned in episode 13 about budgeting, my husband is a teacher and I am a small business owner. Because of that, we have to be on top of […]

  4. […] Financial stress is a thing of the past. Debt? Don’t have any. Retirement savings? It’s already happening. Good-bye forever, swipe and pray!  […]

  5. […] How To Create a Budget That Works […]

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